June 22, 2023

Wood Engraving Workshop with Desen Halıçınarlı

The first event programmed by Nergis Abıyeva under the roof of Quick Art Space took place on June 22, Thursday, 4 to 6 pm in the lobby of Quick Tower, led by artist and instructor Desen Halıçınarlı. Inspired by the sustainability, livability and functionality principles of the LEED Platinum certified Quick Tower, water-based paints and wooden moulds designed by Desen were used to print on A4 sized ecological papers in the workshop.

Desen Halıçınarlı ile Ağaç Baskı Atölyesi tanıtım görseli


“Desen Halıçınarlı, who lives in Istanbul and realizes international projects across different countries, especially in Denmark, was inspired by the trees around the building when she visited Quick Tower in May and designed a unique tree of life. On the branches of the tree of life, Desen placed tiny human beings that appear in her paintings which attentive eyes would notice. The artist also made reference to the inevitable cycles and flow of life with the text Change, Transformation, Interaction, in which she manifested her typographic aesthetics. Change, transformation, interaction is of Maher Holding’s motto for 2023 and heralds its future plans.

“The free workshop, open to everyone with no quota limit, was attended by Maher Holding’s employees working at Quick Tower, as well as people from the art scene. In the “child-friendly” workshop, children were welcome to participate with their parents, and it was them who made the most creative prints.

“Materials were provided by the workshop, some of the participants printed on tote bags as well which they brought with. At the end of the printing process, the participants took home an original print designed by Desen Halıçınarlı. Some of the participants acted creatively in the process of printing the mould carved by Desen on paper, which resulted in interesting prints.”

An abstract from Abıyeva’s article on QMAG’s August issue.

About Desen Halıçınarlı

Desen Halıçınarlı Portre

Born in 1983, Desen Halıçınarlı graduated from Izmir I. S. Anatolian Fine Arts High School in 2001 and from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department in 2006 with honors and won the Sabancı Award. In the same year, she started MSGSU Painting master’s program. Receiving training in engraving and fresco workshops as well as painting during her higher education, she graduated in 2009 with her thesis titled “The use of urban imagery in the art of painting”.

Between 2011 and 2022, she taught printing in the engraving workshop at Istanbul Technical University Fine Arts Department and Introduction to Design at the Faculty of Architecture. In June 2022, she won a competition in Denmark and realised her mural project to be exhibited for five years. The artist, who has participated in many national and international exhibitions and has works in private collections, has mural works, paintings and engravings, and three-dimensional works with found objects. Since 2013, Desen has also realised the wall designs of Istanbul’s leading venues.

Photos from the Workshop

Nergis Abıyeva ve Desen Halıçınarlı
Bez çanta üzerine yapılmış ağaç baskısı
Değişim dönüşüm etkileşim yazılı ağaç baskısı
Değişim dönüşüm etkileşim yazılı ve ağaç motifli resim
Değişim dönüşüm etkileşim yazılı ağaç baskısı
Desen Halıçınarlı katılımcılarla birlikte ağaç baskısı yaparken
Desen Halıçınarlı katılımcıların yaptığı ağaç baskısını incelerken
Değişim dönüşüm etkileşim yazılı ağaç baskısı

Photographer: Murat Bakmaz

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