August 31, 2023

Collective Painting Workshop with Muaz Özden

The third of the summer workshops programmed by Nergis Abıyeva under the roof of Quick Art Space took place in Quick Tower’s lobby, led by artist and instructor Muaz Özden.

Muaz Özden ile Kolektif Resim Atölyesi tanıtım görseli


The Collective Painting workshop takes its inspiration from the Exquisite Corpse game that Dadaist-Surrealist artists of the 20th century played.

“Each player to participate in the game writes/draws a word/image on a piece of paper and gives it to the next person. The result is a paper composed of shapes and writings. These random works immediately bring to mind the Dadaist technique of writing poetry. Dadaists wrote down on paper the first word that comes to mind, collected them in a box and created poems by drawing lots. They left poetry entirely up to chance. The game “Delicious Corpse” (Figure 33) is like another variation to this. In this game, imagery also came into play.

“Participants drew on paper or pasted cut-outs from magazines or encyclopedias. They folded them and gave them to another participant without showing. Thus, amorphous figures and surreal compositions emerged. Some of the participants who mentioned before they did not know how to paint at all enjoyed it thank to the collage technique. As a result of the workshop, rich and of random collective paintings were produced. Once again, children and the childlike enjoyed the Collective Painting workshop the most! 😊

“In addition to Maher Group employees and Quick Tower tenants, Quick Art Space’s Instagram followers also participated in the workshop. The collective painting workshop was a public program, free of charge, in accordance with the principles of Quick Art Space.”

An abstract from Abıyeva’s article on QMAG’s August issue.

About Muaz Özden

Muaz Özden Portre

Born in 1992, Muaz Özden graduated from Sakarya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2019. His practice usually encompasses various disciplines such as painting, drawing and installation, and at the centre of his research are concepts such as language, internal-external dialectics, and memory. Muaz takes the concepts of belonging and existence in relation to ambiguity. In his works, he sometimes refers to social memory by establishing a relationship with his personal history and roots. Some of the duo and group exhibitions the artist has participated in include “After a Sleepless Night” (Duo-Kairos Gallery, Istanbul, 2023), “Homecoming” (Kairos Gallery, Istanbul, 2023), “Young Fresh Different 11” (Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, 2022), “One Akaretler” (Akaretler Row Houses, Istanbul, 2021), “Keep Going On[7] ” (Santral Museum of Energy, Istanbul, 2020). Muaz lives and works in Istanbul.

Photos from the Workshop

Selin Göksel ve Muaz Özden
Çeşitli malzemeler ile çizim yapılırken
Çizim yapan bir katılımcı
Katılımcılar masa başında çalışırken
Dergilerin arasındaki bir eskiz
Bir kadın suretindeki çizim
Bir odanın içindeki tek boynuzlu keçi çizimi
Melek figürü çizimi
Muaz Özden ve Nergis Abıyeva çizimleri incelerken

Photographer: Murat Bakmaz

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