September 29, 2023

Carbon Paper Drawing Workshop with Eylül Ceren Ersöz

The workshops I programmed under the roof of Quick Art Space continue in the new season. On September 29, Friday, 4 to 7 pm, we held a Carbon Paper Drawing Workshop in the lobby of Quick Tower, led by artist and instructor Eylül Ceren Ersöz.

Eylül Ceren Ersöz ile Karbon Kağıtla Çizim Atölyesi tanıtım görseli


Thanks to the transferring feature of carbon paper, we had the chance to improve our drawing skills by transferring the images we are interested in from magazines and newspapers on paper or wooden surfaces. Using carbon paper in different colors such as black, yellow and navy blue, we first practiced on paper surfaces, and then our instructor Eylül encouraged us to experiment on wooden surfaces.

Thirty five people attended the three-hour workshop. The materials for the workshop, which was open to everyone and free of charge, were provided by Quick Sigorta as usual.

An abstract from Abıyeva’s article on QMAG’s August issue.

About Eylül Ceren Ersöz

Eylül Ceren Ersöz Portre

Born in 1986, Eylül Ceren Ersöz has been teaching “Fashion Painting and Illustration, Computer Aided Design II, Visual Communication Design II, Illustration, Architectural Presentation Techniques III" courses at Bilgi University Vocational School of Design Department since 2019. Eylül completed her undergraduate degree at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2010. In 2019, she graduated from the Department of Art and Design of the same university with her master’s thesis titled “The use of war, death, tragedy themes in contemporary art”. Eylül, whose works have been included in many group exhibitions, opened a solo exhibition titled “Same Sky” at Büyükdere35 in 2019. Eylül lives and works in Istanbul.

Photos from the Workshop

Eylül Ceren Ersöz ve Nergis Abıyeva
Katılımcıların çizimleri
Quick Tower'ın lobisinde katılımcılar çizim yaparken
Bir katılımcı dans gösterisini karbon kağıdına aktarırken
Dergiden koparılmış limon çizimini karbon kağıdına aktaran katılımcı
Katılımcılar çizimlerini incelerken
Bir katılımcı kadın tasvirini tahta parçasına aktarırken
Bir katılımcı incir tabağını karbon kağıdına aktarırken
Karbon kağıda aktardığı dans gösterini inceleyen katılımcı

Photographer: Murat Bakmaz

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